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Parts interchangeability question

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I just purchased quite a few parts from a gent that had a late 47 Chrysler Traveler that was damaged beyond repair by a tree falling on it. Since I have a 48 Traveler that I am (slowly) restoring I bought all the bits and pieces he had left from it. I believe that the body parts and most other parts are the same as the standard 4 door sedans with the exception of badges, dash trim etc... specific to the Traveler. 

So if I have say a brake drum or the stainless trim or pot metal trim, bumpers etc... what years will those parts fit on?

There are quite a few parts that I won't be needing so knowing what years they should fit will help me in selling the extras,


1948 Chrysler Traveler.JPG

1948 Chrysler Traveler (rear).JPG

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46, 47 and 48 are all pretty much the same.

HOWEVER !!! eight cylinder cars are longer.

Longer Chassis, longer hood and front fenders.

The grill and front trim are the same, not sure about the hood trim but I would suspect that at least the top center piece would be different.

Pretty sure everything behind the cowl will be the same.

Couldn't say about the brake parts but someone here will chime in.

If you should happen across a non pitted hood mascot, trunk brake light housing or an original cowl mounted rear view mirror I would be interested.

I have pitted up stuff excepting for the mirror which I need one of,  preferably drivers side.





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As far as the brake and front end parts are concerned...

The 6 cylinder suspension and brake stuff will NOT fit an 8 cylinder car. The 8's used a heavier/larger brake/front end setup.

Also, the 6 cylinder Town & Country sedans used 8 cylinder components as well.

What Jack said about the hood/fenders for 8's & 6's is correct , too.

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