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License Plate Bracket - Side Mirror & Bracket

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Trying to locate these original parts. I realize I can make these or have someone make them, but I'd like to locate originals for this restoration. 


If anyone has these parts please PM me so we can discuss price. Thanks for any leads/help.



Updated : 08/15/20. Located medallion and oil filter. Still need the license bracket and side mounting mirror bracket and mirror. 

1.) Bumper Medallion   Located

2.) License bracket 

3.) Side mirror and bracket

4.) Oil filter  Located



Tail light 1.jpg

30 panel bruce 17.jpg

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Bump, still need the two parts in first post. 

These parts are not easy to find as you all know. I've searched constantly for a solid 7 years and this post seems to be helping. I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate it !

Thanks to all who have helped and made suggestions over the years...

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