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Cotters or Safety Wire??

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The last time I was posted about Lincoln /Ford banjo rear axle / columbia stuff, the topic of

safety wire and bolts, at the time a gentleman suggested my simple loop though the bolts was

faulty, unlike his very much better job with multiple wraps etc. I opened up another diff today,

cut safety wire to disassemble..reminded me..  I found a picture of a modern rod shop , assembling 

a banjo, he used cotter pins in the diff carrier bolts rather than wire--

Why one vs the other?

IMG_0465 (2).jpg


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26 minutes ago, C. Douglas Johnson Jr. said:

If the wire broke all nuts have a CHANCE of coming undone. If you use cotter pins on each one, one does not depend on the other. 

If I used cotter pins I would sure want them to have the same strength as true safety wire used in the industry. the Photo shows safety wire placed incorrectly I believe. It looks as if it would not hold the bolts in tension.

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