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Interior Plastic knob-soup Keith WOW

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I want to encourage you all with Lincolns out there in any stage of fixing to look at Keith Lee's Knob Soup 

reproduction interior molded parts- looking like Henry made it.  This stuff is impossible to obtain until 

recent-- How long will it be available??  My hats off to this Gentleman, it is so rare to get repro car parts

of any kind that are really spot on right-- these are.  click off his list and get that dash fixed up..(great kinda easy winter project)

some new knobs or a steering wheel..it will encourage you to work on the rest of it!  (and the price is really right!)








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Just got some in the mail.  Might have to wait til Spring though.  My garage is detached and not heated...yet.  Might have to come back here for help.  Got some new glove box handles that are giving me trouble and all new escutcheons for the window and door cranks (definitely not sure how to get these off!).  Wiper knob too!

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Keith does a great job on the knobs.  In the old days Ford and others made plastic knobs out of soy beans, and in time they deteriorate and the bugs eat them.  The resins that Keith uses won't do that.  Urethane is very stable.  He made me a bunch of knobs for my 41 including the radio ones. Even if you found NOS ones, they're not near as good as the ones from Knobsoup!   He can make any knob including the complete steering wheels.  

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 Detroitsoul I think you  are talking 38 LZ.  My 38  wiper knob may have on side screw or just push on or be glued. Glove  box handles screw on from inside lid. Escutcheons are spring loaded just push in towards door panel to reveal  pin thru shaft and push out with 1/8 rod ? or scriber. . Can be fiddly.

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