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Sailor's Hat from 1951 BUICK New Model Intro Dealer Meetings.


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This is a 1951 Buick Dealer New Model Introduction Meeting Sailor’s Hat. It's a white cloth sailor’s hat, imprinted with “S.S. BUICK 1951 in blue.


This neat sailor’s cap was handed to Buick dealers and sales managers as part of the 1951 new model introduction zone meeting and dinner. This cap was one of several nautical-themed goodies that BUICK gave its dealers at these new model intro sessions. You may have also seen the small, wooden S.S. BUICK 1951 life preservers in the past. Well, these zone meetings are where they came from!


This cloth cap is in overall very good condition, with only some minor marks here and there. Makes a nice piece for your BUICK memorabilia collection, or for displaying when you show your 1951 BUICK. The price is $49, plus the shipping.


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