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1956 BUICK Dealership Cloth Advertising Banner. Excellent Condition.


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This is a 1956 Buick Dealer New Model Introduction Meeting Cloth Sales Banner. This sales banner was for use in local Buick dealership follow-up sales meetings, that were to be held after the regional sales meetings at the beginning of the new model year.


This excellent condition, cloth banner incorporates the “BUICK BUCCANEERS” nautical/pirate theme used at the regional sales meetings to introduce the new 1956 Buicks. You may have seen the Buick memorabilia pirate hats and paper swords for sale that were handed out at these meetings. This is nice condition sales banner is made of a softer canvas fabric. Has “Canvas Your Buick Owners for Leads” and other catchy slogans.


Colorful, with brass hanging grommets at the top. Measures 23-1/4” wide by 35-3/8” high. NOTE: The black things holding the banner up for photo-taking are magnets, not sticky tape!


The price is $79, plus the shipping.

025 (578x800).jpg

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