Wanted: side view mirror 41 Chrysler New Yorker

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These mirrors are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find intact.

Most of the time the mirror heads are snapped off.

IF you find a decent one it will be quite expensive.

There is a guy that is now reproducing these at $1500.00 a pair.

I was lucky enough to get a repro pair for $800.00 around 15 years ago. I have NOT put them on my car out of fear of damage occurring.


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I just found one and sold it, so they ARE out there. Just not common....

IMG_6408 (2).JPG

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Interesting! I was recently looking for a side view mirror for my 1941 Studebaker Commander. I was told that Jay Fisher had made some reproductions, but the tooling and inventory have been sold to separate people. I was able to get a right side Fisher mirror from the inventory, but no left sides available. The guy with the patterns says there isn’t one for my car. 


However, I think Fisher used the Chrysler/Plymouth pattern for his Studebaker version, maybe just machining the base differently. I finally drew up one on my CAD program to resemble what was shown in the 1941 Studebaker accessories brochure, printed out patterns on my 3D printer, and had them plaster investment cast in silicon bronze. I made an adjustment to permit using modern, replaceable mirror heads that I could buy affordably. The arm tilts up at 20 degrees, like the Fisher ones, can be rotated for additional view angle adjustment. I’m about to send the finished castings to the chrome plater. If you are interested in one of these, I can probably put the 10-24 studs where the holes are in your fender before they get plated. The base is 6.5” long, 1/2” wide.  Currently, the 1st stud is 1.5” from the front edge, the second stud 3-11/16” behind it. It won’t be 100 % like the Chrysler originals, but not too bad at $300. And, it’s NOT pot metal!


Here is a photo of the Fisher mirror (right side mount) and my prototype (left side mount), a 3D printed prototype next to my car, and the four cast parts I have ready. 





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