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Tidewater Region (TRAACA) 2020 Swap Meet [07 March 2020]


Tidewater Region (TRAACA) 2020 Swap Meet  

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It's that time of year again and the Tidewater Region of the AACA (TRAACA) is getting ready for our annual swap meet. This is a great event, tons of vendors, people, and stories. 


We will have Indoor and Outdoor spaces to sell all your Antique Car Treasures. We will have a food vendor onsite for breakfast and lunch. as well as HOT Coffee and HOT Chocolate to keep you warm. We will also have a section for Car Corral, so if you are trying to sell an antique car, or looking to pick one up.


Nansemond-Suffolk Academy

3373 Pruden Blvd.

Suffolk, VA 23434

Link to Google Maps for Directions


Saturday March 7, 2020

(Rain or Shine)

8 a.m. until 2 p.m.


Information and Details can be found here:  TRAACA 2020 Swap Meet 

flyer is in the link above to click download and mail in, or bring for day of event.


if you have any questions you can contact me via message here or message me, I am handling Registration for this event !!


PreRegistration Deadline is February 29, 2020

There is a reduced price for PreRegistration !! so take advantage of this while you can.


  • Indoor spaces: 10’ x 10’ - One table and two chairs provided per space. ($30 preregistered/$35 after)
  • Outdoor spaces: 10’ x 30’ Bring your own tables and chairs.  ($25 preregistered/$30 after)


You must purchase enough spaces for all your stuff including trailers and tow vehicles. Tow vehicles may be parked in spectator parking.


Car Corral vehicles for sale must purchase an outdoor space. Vendor setup begins 7 AM Saturday.


Inside Vendor setup is available Friday (March 6) from 1-5 PM.


Site must be vacated by 3 PM Saturday.

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Had a chat with Matt the other day and sent in my reservation for a spot. I have a bunch of 20’s Ford stuff to clean out and hopefully some Pierce-Arrow parts to find at the meet. If I find time I will try and post some pictures once I get some of this junk out and priced...

My wife actually WANTS to join me... so we are looking forward to seeing the area as well. I can imagine there’s lots of history there, hopefully not too many shopping opportunities...

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Guest Mark McAlpine

Come on out to the Tidewater Region's 25th Annual Swap Meet.  This is its second year at the Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (NSA), just off Route 58 in Suffolk, VA.  NSA is a great location with lots of indoor & outdoor vendor spaces, plenty of parking, easy to access, and easy to find.  We had a great turnout of both vendors and buyers last year, and are expecting more of each this year.  We hope you're one of them.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Mark-sent you a PM.  Glad to hear you are coming for the swap meet.  Looking forward to seeing you there.


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So far I filled 4 crates of parts and several riker mounts with smalls. Probably going to be tight in a single booth but it’s been since 2003  that I have not set up a flea space so some new stuff for your area to look through. Hopefully someone can use some of it and help me along with my Pierce... 


Im looking forward to meeting you as well, and hopefully will have some time to visit afterward! 

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Great, will you be coming in on Friday to set up early?  I'll be there getting my junque organized.  Inside of course-


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We’ll be getting there too late Friday to make the setup, but I plan on getting in as early Saturday as possible. If it’s like most fleas, all the best dealings are done in the first hours. 

With how early it is ending hopefully we can visit in the afternoon if that sounds agreeable. My wife is coming so we can do a little exploring of that area Saturday and Sunday morning before heading back, but we need to get home early enough to get settled so she can get to work Monday.

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Ah, the dreaded work stuff!  I'm sure we'll have a chance to visit.   Looking forward to seeing your fleas.  Bringing any nice watch fobs, pins, etc?  Send a few pics if you can.  Sent you a PM earlier.


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we open up at 7am on Saturday to check in and set up. I will be getting everyone checked in and in their space promptly. 


last year everything went smoothly as most vendors arrived between 730 and 900 then stragglers in between 900 and 1100.  busy times were between 900 and noon. 


Mark W i did get your registration and you are good to go. You have 1 indoor space, we provide you with a table and 2 chairs. if you need more then one space, let me know and we can get you taken care of. (have a few people that have added a space or two)

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Thank you for your offer, but I’m bringing a second table as well as a blanket for the floor. If I have too much to fit after that, I’ll leave the heavier parts in a box for people to dig through. The flea space is just an excuse to go look for things to bring home and hopefully get to finally meet Terry, and David Coco if he goes there. David has been helpful with my Pierce-Arrow, hopefully he’ll be set up with parts...

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Great stuff Mark. I'll be there with some brass era stuff, some early literature from that era, interesting automobilia, etc.  From last year-

Terry vending.jpg

Neil vending.jpg

brass 2.jpg


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I will have to say that interest is way up as well as participation this year, to date I have processed over 50 pre-registrations !! that does not include any of those that will show up day of !!  looks like it might be our best turnout yest for our swap meet. now just need nice weather, preferably warm and clear blue skies 🙂


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well just over 24 hours until Swap Meet begins !!!


based on the Preregistration numbers this should be our largest swap meet to date !!  should be a great time. great location, inside and outside spaces, nice weather, rain should be outta here today, clear up and hopeful warm up a bit for our vendors and shoppers !! last year we got a ton of drive by traffic. easy entrance and exit via stop light !!


swap opens up at 8am for shoppers and browsers so swing by check us out pick up a item or two or more. we will have HOT coffee both regular and unleaded as well as a food vendor on site for those munchies from shopping. we will also have an AACA & Regional AACA Membership table set up so you can learn more about AACA and our local region inside. we will shut down shop at 2pm and everyone must be cleaned up and outta here by 3pm 🙂


any questions ask here or shoot me a message and i will do my best to get back to you.


gotta back my vehicle for my goodies i am bringing...  tons of auto books and magazines, CHEAP !! as i do NOT wanna bring them home !!


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well have to say show was a huge success, had a lot of vendors show up and a ton of shoppers !!  thanks to all that helped with the meet and thanks to our vendors for coming out and supporting the meet as well as all the shoppers that came out to support our vendors !!











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It was a great day for a swap meet!  Well attended, serious buyers and sellers, sunshine, and fellowship abounded!  Inside it was nice and warm, outside, sunny but brisk.  Plenty of good stuff - if you like early parts, lots to choose from. Brass lamps, literature, hood ornaments, pins, badges, signs, and all kinds of collectibles.  Wonderful selection of gas an oil memorabilia, collectible cars from Buddy -L trucks to newer die-cast and even scratch built from the Tidewater Modeler's Society. Boxes of stuff from road-maps to spark plugs.  Quite a selection of Model T parts, even some nice Model A sheet metal and a couple of project cars - a roadster and a roadster pick-up body were there.  Cars for sale from late 20s to 70's including Charlie Dawsons nice looking Ford Galaxy convertible.  Last two pics ares of a couple of pieces of literature found - interesting die-cut Flint brochure that folds out and has car specs inside, and an early children's adventure magazine with a neat car illustration on the cover.

It's our official end of winter party - let the season begin!  Enjoy the photos.

2020 SWAP MEET 1.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 2.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 3.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 4.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 5.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 6.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 7.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 8.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 9.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 10.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 11.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 12.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 13.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 14.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 15.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 18.jpg

2020 SWAP MEET 17.jpg

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Great place and a good crowd. We sold a lot of things now going on to other collections and bought a couple items just because.

I bought everything Pierce-Arrow at the show which was one wrench and a toy made by students at a Mennonite college during the depression! Love the unique history of it as well as the subject matter...


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