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1953 Skylark pinch well trim attachment?

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How is the pinch well trim attached to the car?..


Do the convertible boot snaps screw right thru the rear tack strip into the metal?


Or do the snaps just connect to the trim piece and the trim is attached to the car in a different way?


Is there a go to vendor for the trim clips or snaps that I'll need?


Thanks for any help....







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I can tell how it,s done on a 55 and i,m guessing a 53/54. The snaps are riveted to the strip and clips hold the strip to the body pinch weld. Snaps are standard issue and can be attached to the strip any number of ways........bob

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Your project is looking great! Here are  a few pictures of the clip, the two on the side that are not on the tack strip have strip seal  added. The other snaps must use the tack strip as the sealer. I had all philips screws holding in the snaps. 


rear window moulding clip.jpg

reart window clip 2.jpg

rear window clip 3.jpg

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An OE 1953 Buick Skylark pinch weld detail is not even close to a 1955 Buick.


Here's what the body tub end looks like. Add this to what Steve described and noted in his pictures above.



▲  The OE laminated cardboard tack strip was inserted in the channel and both were riveted to the body tub as a unit.



▲  This detail is of the 12 metal backers that are used to prevent the snap's screws from pulling away from the cardboard . . . they are tucked-in behind the channel's flanges.


Nowadays, a solid plastic tack strip is the way to go, replacing the laminated cardboard or the fiberboard ones that hold water.


Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"


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