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1932 Pontiac SparkPlug Wire


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Looking for information on correct color, style  (yellow cloth vs orange cloth )of spark plug wires and what plug end would be correct ( straight or 90 deg)

seen all different combinations out here looking to keep as correct as I can any documentation would help too.

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I can not give you a definitive answer about 1932 but my "INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE CARE AND OPERATION OF PONTIAC SIX MOTOR CARS"  EDITION NINE-X 1929  1930  Effective Car Number 590,001-P on page 36 shows this drawing. They had already arranged for cylinder head, carb and valve updates to get them through until their new engine was in production.

I have no reason the believe 1932 would be different but who knows the mind of the General and his minions. I believe the wires were yellow and the original ones on my Grandfathers car but that was 72 years ago.

Hope this helps with your research.


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I have used Rhode Island Wiring Service on 2 different occasions and am very happy with the results. They pay particular attention to the authenticity necessary which you expressed in asking about color, style, etc.


Here is their contact info: www.riwire.com

Phone 401-789-1955   M-F 9-5 EST


Good luck on your project- Dave

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Looking at the Oakland Pontiac shop manual for '30-'32 you see what appears to be a change from the photo posted by Tinindian which looks like it has lugs tightened by screws on top of the spark plugs.  The engine photo from the manual for '32 shows what appears to vertical slide on ends on the wire.  I have also enclosed a photo of my '32 to show the type of wire I think is appropriate for '32.  I did not use the same ends as those pictured in the manual.  The bulk wire and ends are available from several places.  Two that I have used are California Pontiac Restoration (www.PontiacParts.net) and Restoration Supply (https://restorationstuff.com).

I hope this helps.



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