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M8 Inside Door Handles - up or down?

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Should the driver's and the passenger's door handles be pulled up to open the door, or should they be pushed down?


The strap from the mechanism to the handle can be fitted so that either direction works well. The car came with a 'down' pull, but it has been taken apart a few times so that is not a definite guide. Having an 'up' pull looks a bit safer to me as the cockpit is quite small and one doesn't wants the door to be opened with an elbow or an overcoat. . 


I don't know if LeBaron even had a standard direction. 


This isn't the most important thing in the world, but advice would be much appreciated.

Door Handle.jpg

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If it is any help, you may have type of lock/latch where  "lift up on the handle to lock "the door and "push down on the handle to unlock" it - aka why it moves in both direction.  Be careful with original die cast handles as sometimes they swell onto bezel and when you move them you can easily tear original/new upholstery. 

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Thank you for your reply, and thank you more for your advice about the problems derived from the ever-swelling pot metal. The original upholstery from my car was tossed in 1947 when the then-owner put in a new interior. Tearing original stuff is, sadly, not a concern.


The handle on my car does not move in both directions.  

The strip of metal that runs from the locking mechanism to the part of the handle inside the door can be fitted to the top or the bottom of the handle. If fitted to the top part then a push down will open the door. If fitted to the bottom, then a pull up will open the door.

Which way did the factory have it?

Again, this is not a big issue, nothing hangs on it, so I'm half-apologizing for even bringing it up.


I should have explained that the above photo is from the net, it is not of my car.

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