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Climate Control Woes...


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I have a 1990 Reatta Coupe...

I've had this problem since last year. The climate control system does absolutely nothing. The screen responds correctly, but the fans don't blow. So I have no A/C or heat. I also had a problem with the rear defrost, but that turned out to be a blown fuse.

The Service A/C light has been lit. We were playing with the relay boxes in the engine bay and found that replacing one of the fuse blocks(?) caused the Service A/C light to clear. The fans still didn't blow, but we thought that might be because the system waits for the engine to warm up before blowing air.

So a couple questions... Does the Reatta's climate control system wait for the car to warm up before blowing air? Is there a fuse or relay that controls the fan that blows into the car? Would it/they be labeled?

I know I should have bought the service manual... Oh well, this is how I pay for it I guess.

Quick Update: We started the car and let it get up to normal op temp and the fans didn't kick in. frown.gif But the Service A/C light is gone.

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