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new scans on DBC site

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Rick posted the new scans on the DBC website. They are dealer invoices from DB to a dealer in Ohio from about 1922-30. And Dealer contracts from a dealer in NY to the first customer. It is interesting to see what models sold in the two different areas. Both show serial numbers and engine numbers so maybe some cars can be found. 

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Does anyone know what X15 means attached to the engine number? Several of the cars in the invoices have the number plus X15 after it.  Also many of the panel trucks orders paid extra to have the panels rubbed out. If you look at the Semme trucks, shown many places like Shorpy, the bodies are very shiny and then lettered for the business name. 

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Nearchoclatetown:  Here is a quote from memos to dealers.


Standard and Victory Six Engines
Note: The following marks for the Standard and Victory Six Engines apply only to engines
with numbers over approximately 20,000.
“UM” Indicates 0.010 Undersize (2.239-in. Front; others 2.364-in.) Crankshaft Main
bearings and Standard (2.124-in.) Connecting rod crankpin bearings.
“UR” Indicates 0.010 Undersize (2.114-in.) connecting rod crankpin bearings
and Standard (2.249-in. Front others 2.374-in.) Crankshaft main bearings.
“URM” Indicates 0.010 Undersize crankshaft main (2.239-in. Front others 2.364-in.) bear
ings also 0.010 Undersize (2.114-in.) connecting rod crankpin bearings.
“OG” Indicates 1/64-inch Oversize O.D. (0.720-in.) valve guides.
“X20” Indicates Cylinder bores 3.395-in.. (This is a Standard production size.)


I would imagine that X15 became yet another oversized bore standard.

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Thanks John. Rodger had sent me a note for markings similar to those but didn't include X15. I have since found a few with C20 after the engine number. As to Victory Sixes I do not recall any in the invoices or contracts, plenty of DA's though and I remember a few Seniors. Reading between lines there is a lot of information in those scans, or at least more questions. Did they have a bad Victory and not try to sell any more? If you remember in the memos from dealers there was discussion about rod failure in Victory SIxes. Also there were a lot of '22 to '24 touring cars sold with disc wheels too. What happened to them?

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