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Carburetor make and era sought.

Layden B

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Hoping someone can provide clues to make and era of this unknown carburetor. It appears to be an updraft with side inlet. Made of aluminum with a spray jet bar inside. The "story" with it is that it came out of a Henry Ford Museum auction in the 1980s.








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Cannot help with this one, however:


I don't remember the year (time flies when you are having fun ;) ), but maybe early 1990's, received a call from a good customer that had bought a bunch of carburetors from an auction at the Henry Ford museum, thinking they should be saved from destruction, and hoping I would want them. I really didn't at the time, but I did anyway; and he sent them to me.


Turns out, they were all prototypes, or experimental carbs, that never made production. Holley, Kingston, and Stewart-Warner were represented. A few years later, Holley was setting up their museum, and the Holley versions ended up there.


I still have most of the Kingston (including a prototype downdraft two-barrel for the flathead Ford), and the Stewart-Warner carbs.


I do not recognize the unit pictured.



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I may be totally off base but it looks like it has elements of English SU engineering.  Perhaps an experimental  American take on the SU theory of operation ?  I can't tell if there is a vacuum operated piston and fuel metering needle inside, but the  " choke " linkage on the bottom looks like it mechanically raises or lowers a fuel jet. Something that many SU's featured for cold start enrichment.

Greg in Canada

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