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transmission info for a 1959 Buick Invicta?


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Dynaflow was standard issue;  unless someone ordered it with a Flight-Pitch Dynaflow. (Doubtful)

Thats a wholly different animal and will require a large Flight-Pitch supplemental manual in addition to your standard

shop manual.


Dynaflows are unique to Buick with exception for a brief flirtation from Cadillac and Oldsmobile when the

HydraMatic plant burned down in 53 or 54.....I believe.   Also, Chevy/GMC used them in special chassis applications in 50s.


all this from the deep recesses of my fading memory .......😳


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Your memory sounds fine!


What's the issue with the Invicta, Jerry?

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the car has not been running in atleast 12 years.  It belongs to my friend.  He has put a new starter on it this week and soon hopes to crank it and test drive it.  He is concerned about the transmission but There may be no problem with the transmission.  He wants to get it drivable, clean it up and sell it.  It is a light blue 4 door hardtop.   Car is in Eden, North Carolina.  thank you for  your help.

Jerry Whitfield in Winston salem,  North Carolina

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Well, you came to the right place for advise and possible sale!   There is one way to see if the Dynaflow is working.  Start it,  let warm to operating temp and check the dipstick.  If she is at the full mark put it in D and see what she does! 


Post some pictures of the Invicta if you can.     

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