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1937 Steering gear box

Made In Michigan

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On my 37 ME-31 1.5 ton truck I'm experiencing the dreaded death wobble, I've found some play between the steering wheel and the gear box, does anyone know where I can send my gear box to be rebuilt? It is the sector type. I've tried to adjust the worm adjustment screw and it did nothing. MY shop manual doesn't go into much detail on how to do any adjustments  

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A couple years ago I had the same problem with my '36 1/2 ton.

I had about 6 inches of play at the steering wheel which made driving a bit challenging, not to mention dangerous.

I had my steering gear box rebuilt by Lares Corporation www.larescorp.com.

They did a good job with about a 2 week turn around. From what I remember, it was a little expensive though, but worth it to me.

My truck rides down the road nice and straight now. I was haapy with the work they did (not too happy about the price though)

Check out their website www.larescorp.com


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I'm glad I'm not the only one who's experienced the wobble of death :D  not fun. there are actually 3 or 4 adjustments that need to be made. the worm adjustment screw, the eccentric adjusting sleeve, maybe a shim removal, and possibly the eccentric rivet to centralize tooth contact. I managed to adjust mine without removing it. and no more death wobble so far. 



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Sorry to start this old thread back up but I’m trying to take my steering gear apart in my 37 1 1/2 ton and am having trouble getting the sector gear shaft off the vehicle.  It seems to me that I can’t pull the shaft all the way out of the housing without the shaft hitting the side of the engine block.  Any insight into how to get it removed?

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