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1938 Plymouth Clutch Disc 9 ¼”

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Hagen Auto Parts  Puyallup, Wa. ph 1-253 845-7020  fax 1-253 841 1904  email: sales@hagenautoparts.com  You`ll probably need to know spline/shaft size/amount of springs of disc. May require a core.   Also,   Kanter Auto Parts   Boonton, N.J.   email: Sales1@Kanter.com  ph 1-800 526-1096  Again, may require a core.  Don`t know if either ships out of the country.

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    I believed you e-mailed me, so Thanks to this tablet I have, I will respond to you in both places presently.

   I have everything brand new -- the pressure plate, the clutch disc, the throw out bearing, and the pilot bushing....

    Everything brand new, no cores required, no return shipping..... Perfection.

If you can call the U.S.A. for FREE -- Call me -- 516 - 485 - 1935....

     I CAN ship into Canada....

              Yours, Craig.

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