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What is this Mopar Ornament for?


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Another piece saved from the scrap yard, this fairly heavy die-cast piece of molding or trim of some sort.


By design, it looks to me to be from the mid to late 1950's, possibly even the early 1960's.


Cast with part number 1860787 and it appears it might be for the left-hand side of the vehicle.


I'm not up to speed on my Mopar stuff, and I don't have any parts catalogs to reference.


No idea where it even fits on the vehicle.


Any help would be great.






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Part no. 1860787 fits a 1959 DeSoto. It's called a Lower Rear Quarter Moulding which is somewhat misleading. I'm guessing it goes on the very rear top fin tip above the upper round taillight. There's another moulding that goes over the top of the fin and this is the one underneath. 

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Want to know the best way to clean that part up?  Soak it in Evaporust for a day.  It will take all the corrosion off and a light rinse and a very gentle rub over with a small brush like a tooth brush,  you won't even have to polish it,  just wipe the water spots off. Nice part is it cleans the back as well so the whole thing is clean. 

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