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1940's and 1950's CARTER Inline Gas Filter Housing


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Here's a top for the 1940's and early 1950's CARTER carburetor inlet gas filter. Obviously, a lot of these Carter fuel filters, with the stone element, were installed in the field on many other brands of Carburetors. This top is in nice condition, with good threads and no cracks.

NOTE: The last photo shows a complete one of these CARTER gas filters in use. However, I only have the top for sale.

The price is just $8, plus the U.S.P.S. shipping (shouldn't be much in a padded envelope). Thanks for looking. John

002 (640x559).jpg

005 (640x508).jpg

007 (640x554).jpg

20191115_181026_resized_thumb_jpg_04b64e29c32f6459b84670e1370416ac (640x562).jpg

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