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Any 1920s Open Buicks with REX closed-car removable top still out there?

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Found some some 1923 paper items today at an antique shop that includes info, pricing and a few photos of Buicks with the REX removable closed-car roofs produced for 1921-23 roadsters and touring cars and maybe a year or two prior. REX Mfg. was in Connersville, IN, and apparently had a deal with Buick to sell these tops to Buick dealers. The information is dated Nov. 1922 and was sent from the Buffalo Buick Branch to solicits dealers to order quantities of the tops from REX for the 1923 models. Just wondering if anyone has a Buick with a REX top. Searching 1920s classifieds on Newspapers.com turns up many ads for used Buicks so equipped, but I don't recall seeing an existing one. The photo is of a 1923 Model 35 Touring with REX top.

23 Buick Mdoel 23-35 w:REX Top.jpeg

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I had a 24-45 that had a Rex top put on it from new but was removed when the car was sold in 1931.  The owner made a little green house out of it.  

The difference between Rex and California tops is that the Rex top uses the original top and the pieces are attached to the doors that hold the glass

windows in a frame.  The California top doesn't use the original top.  It has a full size "hard top" that attaches to the car. This is from what I've seen over 

my years.  I had brand new set of Rex enclosures in the crate which I sold.



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This is the 24-45 with Rex enclosures on it taken in 1929 before the "greenhouse effect".  The California top was not made to be taken on and off.  You had to take

the original top off to tack the California top on the rear of the car.  The Rex has 6 panels , 4 that open with the doors and the rear on each side takes a screw through the body to

hold it in.  This is the only "damage" made to the original car.  If I kept this car i wasn't sure if I would put them back on or not.  They are pretty rare.  As fate would have it I can't put  the top 

down on my 25-45 because it's a great original and it would crack.  This car was next bought by Dave Chambers of 6 cyl. Buick fame.  I wrote an article ,"My two 45's" in the Bugle a few years ago

if you're interest is peaked.







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Just read the link posted above by Ben P re Rex tops and enclose some photos of the original Jiffy rain curtains which came with my super original 1918 Paige 6-39 Linwood 5 seat tourer. It also came with a fitted hood blanket and radiator blanket which unfortunately seems to have shrunk and is difficult to fit without damaging it.1222104692_uQCI12P4TyKiR5fo878uw_thumb_215b.thumb.jpg.4535b40b5494263531efc6593e912240.jpgUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_215d.thumb.jpg.e790c43e1f509432aa1552189ad3b279.jpgUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_215c.thumb.jpg.50a5a6d87c3331dc3d4d43184e93ec03.jpg

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