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Pays to have friends that have big toys

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At my shop in Grand Blanc,  When we bought the store a few years ago it included a number of semi trailers.  Over the years/they have been there probably 40 years, they had sunk into the ground and were at all types of angles.  They are good dry storage for car parts, etc.  


To make the shop area look better I called a friend from high school that is a rigger & erector.  He brought his 50 ton crane to move everything.


While moving the trailers, I spread over 50 tons of crushed concrete to level the area.  Surprisingly almost all of tires still had air.   All of the work was done in about 6 hours.


Here are some before, during, and after pictures of our work.    Special thanks also goes to Joe Tonietto for helping with this boondoggle.   Hope you enjoy the pictures.  (PS: nothing like the Buick garage in Georgia/Lamar, but the building is warm, dry and has a bathroom for winter work.)



before (3).jpg

2 (2).jpg

1 (2).jpg

3 (2).jpg

5 (2).jpg

6 (2).jpg

8 (2).jpg

13 (2).jpg

16 (2).jpg

17 (2).jpg

20 (2).jpg

23 (2).jpg

25 (2).jpg

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