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Reo maybe?


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This photo was posted on facebook today.


As posted it suggests the car has right hand drive  - see first version - but I wonder if it should be left hand drive. No clues given as to the origin of the photo.


The hubcaps and the windshield support suggest it is a Reo although I haven't yet found a match for the wheel spokes.


I found a couple of 1925 Reos for sale which have similar hubcaps and windshield supports.



java 20s tourer.jpg


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19 hours ago, nzcarnerd said:

General agreement seems to be that the first photo - with the car as right hand drive - is correct, going by the change pocket in the guy's trousers.


I always look for wedding rings, I cant tell if she's sporting an engagement ring or not in the first pic, second pic, not.

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Guys shirts always overlap left to right, girls right to left, and men buckle belt with end to the left (if right handed!) so suggests first picture is correct, RHD car. Could be taken in Britain.


BTW, I'm left handed, so put my belt on in opposite direction. Did you ever think a right handed person wears their watch on their non-working left hand. However a lefty also has to wear it on his left in order to be able to wind it. I don't think any company ever made a watch for left-handers. TMI!!

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