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1934 Dodge steering column bearing needed


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I have a Doodlebug that was made from a 1934 Dodge car.  I can't tell if it was a sedan or a coupe.  The engine was out of the car when I got it so I'm trying to swap in a 1957 Desoto 341.  The problem is that the engine does not clear the steering column.  I think I can modify the existing column to work, but I need a couple of bearings to support the shafts.  The existing bearing at the steering wheel is some type of fibrous material that seems to hold up very well to wear.  I need to find two more of these bearings.  Does anybody have a source for them?  My original plan was to use a sealed bearing, but the 3/4" shaft and 1.40" tube ID makes this impossible.  My only other option would be to make one out of either bronze or UHMW.

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