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1954 Buick Skylark interior


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Evening folks,

I have an appeal for help from those of you who have a '54 skylark in your family.

I am about to have my interior restored. I have all the embossed and died leather ready to go, but what I don't have is a pattern to work from, as my seats are so weathered they nothing more than a bare frame.

My upholsterer is asking for various measurements, so I am wondering if some king soul could measure their seats for me please.

What he needs is:

Back seat base: The distance from the edge of the waffle panel to the side panel/armrest. And the width of the waffle pattern panel.

Back seat back rest: Same again the distance from the waffle panel to the outside edge. The length of the waffle panel (or count of squares) and the length of the plain panel below it. Also the total combined length from bottom of seat (where it meets the seat base) to the top of the seat where the convertible top well begins.

Any photos of the top of the back seat from the convertible top well, would also be appreciated.

Very many thanks and seasons greeting to you all.

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