65 Riv - removal/access to back of heater control assembly

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Hi and happy NY


At some point soon I’ll need to get to the back of the heater/ACcontrol assembly to check/repair vacuum hoses and cables etc.


A previous reconnaissance mission suggested access from front consol won’t work as not enough room to twist unit or pull out completely?


removing dash pad was next thought but radio would be in the way? Or maybe going in from the side some how ?


Learning from any previous experience out there would be most welcome!


Thanks in advance





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Hi Kevin,

  Your most reasonable option is to remove the fasteners which secure the control assembly, push the control head forward and turn sideways to get a view and access to the rear of the control head. It is tight and difficult work. Do your homework ahead of time otherwise the sight of the sphagetti bowl of vacuum lines and wiring/cables can appear overwhelming. Hopefully, you wont be in there long!

  There is another path which I have used when it became apparent I would spend a substantial amount of time working on the HVAC system. One can leave the control head in place and remove or slide rearward the console shell as a whole. This path is obviously time consuming and has its own downsides but when doing a substantial amount of work/troubleshooting in this area it makes working in this area much less frustrating.

  Which method I choose depends upon how much time I anticipate spending on the job.

  Good luck!


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