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Getting my Nailhead rebuilt in my 64 Wildcat


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My 2019 project of the year was getting my Nailhead removed and rebuild by the very own DualQuadDave. My block ended up being cracked and it had to be swapped, but it has been a great adventure getting my Wildcat back on the road!


Don't know why the thumbnail isn't showing up, but here is the first drive:





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6 hours ago, Smartin said:

Was there anything visually concerning with the piston you pulled?  Broken ring?  etc...

Surprisingly, on the problem cylinder, none of the rings were broken. The mechanic did notice a wear pattern he didn't like within the cylinder wall and on the piston, almost looked like a darker steak. It's highlighted by the darker streak up and down. I wish I had a root cause right in front of me, but as soon as the mechanic saw we saw, he recommended we pause I and I call my engine builder. It was only after it became completely apparent I was now in this alone have I engaged a machine shop the next metropolitan area over, and I will have a full report after disassembly. 


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