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Only have these photos

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its one of those fiberglass kit cars that proliferated in the late 1960's- 1970's.  Kelmark,  Fiberfab, Manta, Sterling and a few dozen more built GT coupes like that, ROUGHLY based on the LeMans dominating Ford GT40.


Here's a similar appearing Fiberfab Avenger/Valkyrie. Notice the abundance of smooth lines and volumputious curves---- now look at the CAR!


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Agree with DustyRusty. Side view may help. The side mirrors were popular circa 1965-70, while front looks well done incl the single wiper, rear looks like fiberglas and is not trimmed out as well. Gull wing doors are an interesting feature. It's likely the rear flipped up to access engine, suggesting it might be based on early VW or similar rear engine setup. Thanks for posting.

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It may be a Bradley, if there were more than one style.

The one I had years ago had the drivers door removed so that a normal sized guy could drive it.

It was a gull wing door but most people would not be able to drive it without looking over the windshield.

Somehow this one doesn't remind me of that car, other than it doesn't look like it has very much headroom.

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That's a  Kellison Gt 40. the headlights on a fiberfab avenger/Valkyrie are set at an angle. These are straight. the dead giveaway is the doors though. They aren't gullwing doors, they actually open the way a real gt 40s would. Before "real" gt40 replicas started being made in the late 80s, Kellison was known as the only kit car manufacturer doing this. Pretty cool car.

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