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1947 Packard Clipper

Jorge Cardozo

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If you will provide the vehicle number which is stamped on the patent plate under the hood and screwed to the cowl just in front of the driver we can tell you the model and engine that is supposed to be in the car.  If that plate is missing or in case the engine has been swapped sometime in the car's life a better indication for engine info is look for the motor number stamped on the block.  Number will be just below the head/block parting line and fairly near the distributor.  It is usually on a smoothed pad but is occasionally found stamped directly on the rough block.  It can be faint and also sometimes covered with dirt and grease so you may need to clean the area and look carefully to find it.


Here are the numbers for the 21st series 46-47 engines.  If yours does not start with an F it is from another year and not the original engine. 

motor number.jpg

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