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1928 Buick Master rear trunk platform

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  • I have an idea about building a trunk platform on the rear of my car. I want to buy a suitable trunk, and I want to keep the spare tire (1), with the original holder  behind the trunk. Does anyone have photos of how this can be done? I would be very greatful. My car is a 1928 Buick mod 50.
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Oregon Desert Model 45, FLYER 15015, and michealbernal, thanks. This is what I was looking for.


FLYER 15015: Do you have a closer photo without the trunk on it?

michealbernal: Im looking forward to your photos/info.


Again, thank you all!

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15 hours ago, michealbernal said:

Just added pictures to my old post - bumping for anyone who is interested.

I’d love to have a trunk mount and trunk like that, If anyone comes across one or wants to part with one please let me know!




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Sorry, I don't have a picture of the rack without the trunk.

Came with the car and I've never taken it off.

I can tell you that the rack is hinged in the middle so I suppose it folds up against the body shell.


As for filling the gas tank, I use a 5 gallon can with a 3' hose. cannot get a gas station nozzle near the tank due to the tail light and rack.

In this shot you can just see the filler in front of the rack.


Mike in Colorado


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Since my car is a 1928 standard the fuel tank filler opening is on the right rear side.  It is behind the trunk  and inboard from the right edge of the trunk  about 6 inches.  The space between the front of the trunk and the back of the car body is maybe 3 or 4 inches at the most.  Very tight fit   I have been adding fuel to the tank with a gas can with a 3ft piece of hose attached but there has to be a better way.  I wonder what they did back in 1928?





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