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63 carb question


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Thanks Rocketraider for the info on the carb let me see if I can explain my problem a little better.The air filter base on my 63 394 has, for lack of a better word,a rounded valley which hangs down.This is the area that was notched to make clearance for the fuel line to go into the carb.I've got the correct fuel pump glass filter bowl setup,and the fuel line itself goes to the front of the carb.When I ordered the new carb I just told my supplier I had a 63 Olds 394(Rochester 4GC) and he sent me the same carb as the old one on the car which I now know must have also been a replacement.Is the original carb no longer remanufactured? Looking in the shop manual the older carb looks about an inch smaller front to back than the carb that is on the car. This may be the reason the original owner notched the air filter base or I may not have the correct base.Anyway,thanks for the invite to Cincinnati! I'll look up the info on the internet.

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New 1963 carburetors have been obsolete for at least 20 years (unless you score an N.O.S. unit on ebay or a swap meet).

Most commercial rebuilders grouped the 1959 through 1964 Rochester 4-GC for the Olds 394 together. While certain features differed slightly, this grouping seems to work.

In the case of the question asked, all of the carburetors in this group have the exact same airhorn, so should not be a problem.

I would suggest comparing your air cleaner base to another known base.


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