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How was your year in cars?

Billy Kingsley

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For me, 2019 was fantastic. Easily my best year ever when it comes to cars. I attended more shows and cruise-ins than ever before, 3 different museums including two more than once, and I knocked two of the three things on my bucket list off- a ride in an antique car, which was a 1913 Model T at the Saratoga Automobile Museum Show in May, and a ride on Route 66 in Joliet, Illinois in October. I saw an Amphicar in the water for the first time, when one came up the Hudson River during the Classics on the Hudson show at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. I was able to remove one car from the list of "cars I most want to see" when I saw a Kaiser Darrin in October. 


In all, I took 12,002 automotive photographs this year, which is more than I've taken in all but two entire years of my life. (All are on my website, in signature).


I got a chance to ride in the aforementioned Model T, but I also got to ride in a 1945 Willys Jeep at the Military Encampment (reenactment) at FDR's home, and I got to ride in a friend's 1972 El Camino, my first time in an El Camino, which has been my obsession for more than 20 years now.  I got to sit in a Mustang, a Corvette, a 1955 Chevrolet, and on a motorcycle for the first time this year as well.


I also created a chart of the automotive brands I've photographed. I added a lot this year, largely due to the fact that I went to more shows, and also decided to photograph everything that's out there- not just my favorites. I am working on going through my entire photo archive and sorting them by brand, rather than by what show or event they were taken at, so there is a possibility I've missed some. The closer scrutiny I've given them for that project has yielded some brands that I photographed and didn't realize it, and also some that I knew I had seen and forgot to list. Since my health doesn't allow me to drive, photographing as many as possible is how I'm expressing my love of the automobile. 


I don't know if I can ever top this year..but I'm going to try! I missed a few shows this year because my health didn't cooperate...hopefully that isn't the case in 2020. I know it probably will be, but my doctor has said I need to exercise more, and what better exercise is there then walking around car shows? 😁


Brands photographed at the conclusion of 2019.png


Edit to add: I also finished 13 car models this year. It's less than last year, but much better than 2017, when I completed a grand total of zero. I also won two awards with them, the most I've ever won in a year. 

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Wow, 12,000 photos. That's amazing. I can't compete with that. I guess I should be embarrassed to say it, but after nearly a quarter century of living in Lincoln, Nebraska, I finally visited the amazing Museum of American Speed which is located here in Lincoln, and affiliated with the world famous Speedway Motors, one of the world's biggest aftermarket parts suppliers. My son and I saw it on a very hot day in June of this year, and despite the hot weather, it was a great experience. I drove my '54 Ranch Wagon to a car show outside of the museum. I also finished completely rewiring my  Ranch Wagon early this year. Here are some pics from the museum:








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2019 was a good year. I visited the National Automobile museum in Reno. I saw the original Thomas Flyer. I travelled to Tacoma to attend the Hemmings Great Race finish line event. I participated in and attended several car shows and parades. I maintained an active membership in my local Vintage Car Club, accepting the position of Vice President. I purchased my second vintage car, a 1938 Plymouth. I tore down 2 vintage Mopar flathead engines for learning purposes. Additionally I am currently deep into rebuilding A manual transmission that I pulled from my '38. I put about 1,000 miles on the odometer of my 1953 Chrysler.  I spent many, many happy hours in the garage wrenching on my old cars to keep them alive. Folks showed their appreciation when they saw me out in my old car...2019 was better than good. It was fantastic.








IMGP0098 (1).JPG

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