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1926 Buick model 47 tire size?

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Welcome to the Buick pre war forum. Yes, that is the correct tire. The proper search term or size is 6.00-21.  Just a suggestion to delay your tire purchase until the car is actually road worthy to get the freshest tires.  You will want new tires, tubes, and flaps.  Valve stems come rubber or long brass depending on if you want to put original nickel plated valve stem covers on the car.  See the Universal tires catalog.   We would love to see a few pictures and hear your plans for the car.  Hugh

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Your old tires are likely still good for 15 psig and perhaps a few newer tubes or patches will fix yours into rollers.  Any 21” tire will fit your rims. Ford model As use 21” rims. Contact your local model A club. Lots of them getting new tires and someone may have old extras and you don’t pay for shipping.  They are a little smaller OD than stock, but they make great rollers.    

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