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Cadillac autographed signed book info needed.


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i got this cadillac book recently that was signed by the author Thomas Bonsall.  Book is marked 81/300.   does anyone possibly know if only 300 of these books were made, or just possibly the author only autographed 300 books?  thank you for any knowledge that you can share. 



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I have the book "Cadillac, A Century of Excellence" by Rob Leicester Wagner.  Published by Metro Books 2002  160 pages of color pictures and

milestone information on Cadillacs.   I enjoy it.   I bought it for $2.00 at the Habitat for Humanity Thrift store.  They had a case of them, brand new.

Story was that a now retired Cadillac Dealer had them as purchase gifts and had these lesf over for 15 years and donated them.  I bought 2, one 

for me and the other for a friend with 9 Cadillacs including a 1931 V-12.  Great value for $2.00!

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No author would spend the countless hours

of researching and writing if he was selling only

300 copies.  As Ed noted above, the 300 count

is undoubtedly only for that particular printing

or special format;  or the number that he



It's nice to have the writer's signature, and you

probably got a higher-quality edition than the usual.

So that's the bonus!

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