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34 Ford big truck model

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Where did you find the wheels and tires? Been wanting to build a couple of Model AA 1/25 scale trucks but need wheels. Check out this Model AA chassis I've been building in 1/16 scale. also building a model of me son'e 1975 C65 dump truck: cab is giving me some fits as almost everything is scratch built. Nice work on the truck! i have a neighbor who has a real '33 Ford 11/2 ton flatbed truck. It's been sitting in a barn for at least 60 years!










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What material are you using for the bed?  I was thinking those Ertl trucks with some kind of coin bank built in that were popular at one time would make a good (and cheap) platform for some type of custom build.  They show up at antique malls for less than 10 bucks for ones that do not have popular advertising on them.  I think a flatbed transporting an old NASCAR or dirt track racer would be neat.

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Your builds inspired me to do a repair of this 1:43 Corgi toy wrecker during this virus stay at home event.  I tried to use what I had on hand in my collection of hardware.  I only purchased one thing for the repair, 1/8” K&S aluminum tube from Ace hardware.  The tubing made up for the broken upright poles on the boom.  The top pulley was fashioned from two pop rivets that were cut down with a dremel cutting wheel and glued together with superglue.  The axle for the pulley is 14awg copper wire.  I tried aluminum from the pop rivets shaft but it would break during bending.  The tow hook eye is a picture hanger part as is the hook end.  It was some part of a picture hanger assembly. A piece of aluminum tubing and glue hold the hook pieces together.  I think it came out ok!





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