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Christmas at the Used Car Lot

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So are these! As mentioned elsewhere, this "Avon" collection began in 1967 when my Mom gave me one for Christmas (Straight Eight), began collecting them in mid-'90's, about 66 in all including some in more than one color. Every now and then I display them, then pack'em away. p.s. Missing from Photos is a 1914 Orange Packard Roadster, gave it to a Packard buddy, will have to buy one on eBay! Merry Christmas to all.





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Great part of the automotive hobby is all the miniatures that allow us to have a collection of our favorite makes and models.  These two cars were from Christmas 1963 when I got a Marx race car set.  I still have the race car set and the box it came in.



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Harry will do Carl! It's actually Harold, but I've been called worse. Love TheMoneyPit cast iron collection, some nice real old stuff. Speaking of old and rare, was working with a friend on his '27 Pontiac Coupe 5 years back and spotted this one! For those who are not familiar with it, pressed steel 1925 Lincoln made by Turner Toy Company 1926-1930, about 26" long, original condition, owned from new by his Dad, so not for sale! He has since restored it, dark green over black. See one on eBay today, askin' $2800.




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13 hours ago, TheMoneyPit said:

I guess I’ll need a Christmas tree for next year...


A very Merry Christmas to all!





Merry Christmas to you, too!

Concerning the middle picture, is that car in the middle between the orange p/u and the tow truck a Pierce-Arrow? It looks a little like the famous gold-plated Pierce from about 1920 originally owned by the salt mine owner Emerson Carey, from Hutchinson. 

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Looking at Terry's Ford GT reminds me that Matchbox sure made great products back in the '60's. They were toys for boys that were genuinely made to a serious collector level of quality, at least for that 1/72 or HO scale. The Ford GT was among the best, as I recall. And they were made in England so that made me feel like I was buying a Jaguar every time I went into the small neighborhood hobby shop when I was a kid.

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The small cars are Dinky, Corgi and Lesney Matchbox from the 1950s and 1960s.  The larger two are Wyandotte.  These are recent acquisitions from my wife’s cousin who called us and said they had to go as he had lost storage.  This has been my year for acquiring collections at reasonable prices from friends and family who have decided to downsize.  My son has claimed the Ferrari and Ford GT for his collection.  Since it is Christmas I gave him a family discount!

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