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DieHard Batteries sold to Advance Auto Parts

Mark Gregory

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This asset acquisition will give Advance the right to sell DieHard batteries, the most trusted brand in the automotive battery category, and enables Advance to extend the DieHard brand into other automotive and vehicular categories. In addition, the deal allows Transformco to sell DieHard brand batteries through its existing channels pursuant to a supply agreement with Advance. Advance is also granting Transformco an exclusive royalty-free, perpetual license to develop, market, and sell DieHard branded products in non-automotive categories.
Here is a video of their ad
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Yep, three major manufacturers here in the US.


Here is the 2019 list of lead acid manufacturers:




Note Interstate is just a reseller, not a manufacturer. Always been that way, since John Searcy started selling batteries out of his Studebaker pick up truck.


According to this list, only the Die Hard AGM are made by East Penn.

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Because they have clothes on the brain - Sears should have been tires, batteries, paint, tools, appliances, and a couple other things they did really well - I get it that they wanted to be everything to everybody, though their history seems to be not truly focusing on their positives, but a classic example of focusing on their weaknesses and near failing for it (and now their positives are almost all gone). 

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a) "East Penn Manufacturing has signed an exclusive agreement with Duracell (part of the Procter & Gamble Company [NYSE:PG]) to release batteries branded under the Duracell namehttps://www.eastpennmanufacturing.com/east-penn-releases-new-duracell-automotive-batteries/


b) Back in the last century Sears, JC Penny, and Kreske (K-Mart) all had extensive home tool, auto supply, and auto repair lines (I had both a JCPenny and K-Mart lifetime batteries). I still have some Penncraft tools and a roll around toolbox. Seems the Sears/K-Mart merger was disasterous for both. Now we have Walmart/Sam's Club and Harbor Freight.


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Sears & Roebuck invented mail order (or it seems they did. 😉). So hard to see their management fail in an increasing mail order world....  Idiots!🙄


Even in the 80s they had the rural appliance and lawn equipment business because they would service what they sold, most anywhere.


Bought many a Muzzler from Sears, cheap universal fit line of mufflers with a lifetime warranty.👍 

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Like Never-Start ? or back a bit, Rolls Canhardly ? Lucas, Prince of Darkness ? Fix It Again Tony ?


Problem I saw (and could still get a Die-Hard AGM on sale for a good price in 2016 but had to pick up in store) was that Sears clung to one aspect of the mail order business (send in your full retail unless on sale payment and eventually something will arrive) even when Amazon had the two-day-Prime (one day for some things now) and eBay was pushing free shipping. Same business model that reduced JC Whitney/Warshawski to a minor web site/eBay storefront.


One interesting aspect of my life was for year,s ever time I bought a house, within a few years a nearby K-Mart would open. Same happened when I bought this house except now the new K-Mart is closed and within ten miles I have two super Walmarts, two Sam's Clubs, and two Harbor Freights (though the latter may not be doing so well).


Today I buy a lot from Amazon, a few things from eBay, and just took advantage of a cyber-Monday sale at Sam's to replace my 2010 model 1080P TV with a larger 4K for less money & free shipping..

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