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francis lombardi FL1 for USA marked exported

cristian F.

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Hello to everyone,


my name's Cristian Ferrari, I'm 45 years old and I'm an Italian collector of Francis Lombardi vehicles .

Francis Lombardi was an italian coachbuilder of 60-70's and built many models exported also in USA (most known is Lombardi Grand Prix, exported as OTAS Grand Prix or Abarth 1300 Scorpione) ...I collect many models here in Italy of this coachbuilder ( 850 Grand Prix, 500 "my car", 500 pick up ) but I do also a sort of census of all Lombardi vehicles survived.... Particularry , from many years I'm looking for last vehicle produced by Francis Lombardi. 

Its name was Lombardi FL1, a sport car motorized by a Lancia 2000 engine...Unfortunately this car remains on status of prototype cause Lombardi factory was almost nearest to close, so this car was been the only one built of this model.

During my searches I discovered that probably (PROBABLY !!!) at the end of motorshow the prototype  was bought from another coachbuilder called Ferruccio Covini  ( thath again exist here in Italy)  and he completed it with some adjustments....

So the "new" car , with a new engine and some extetical differences, becames the new Covini Sirio (there is also a brochure of this vehicle).

If you want to verify personally, you can compare immagines of FL1 Lombardi and Covini Sirio...you will see that they are the same care!!!

Now, reading into Covini web site, I found that the Covini Sirio was exported into USA in a small quantities of cars (9 ) and probably was sold as the name of BT424...

Some years ago I contacted by phone Mr Covini and he confirms me that during a motor show at he beginning of 80's an american car seller bought a small ammount of Covini Sirio bodies and exported them from Italy to USA ...but absolutely doesn't want  original 2000 cc engine...so decided to motorize by himself all those 9 cars and export them probably with a new commercial trade mark.

I'm almost sure that the small number of Covini Sirio is been possible starting from the stock body parts already prepared from Francis Lombardi in case the production of FL1 shoud be started. My personal idea is that probably Covini bought from Lombardi the prototipe of FL1 and the body parts stock....but Mr Covini never confirmed my theory, so it's only my personal supposition!

So, after these introducing notes, I'm here to ask to somebody of you if can hep me to find the name used for export these cars.

I dont't know, for example....watching the Covini Sirio, in your opinion,  is it similar of some american sport cars of those years??


I hope that someone of you could give me some interesting informations about it (or photos,).

For the moment, thank you very much but above al..... I wish of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!

Greetings from Italy !




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This is what I found about this topic in the Netherlands:


"Then came Covini with the B24 Sirio, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1981. It was an experimental diesel coupé (2.3 liter four-cylinder turbo from VM Motori) with a top speed of more than 200 km/h. The model was built in the United States in a small series of nine. There was also a version with the 2.5 liter petrol engine of the Lancia Gamma, the Covini BT 424".


I myself got a Lombardi My Car with odometer and tachometer used in a Lombardi Grand Prix. Seems factory made to me, but never seen it elsewhere.

Does anyone knows something about this? I am told some custom made changes were possible at that time (1969).


Best regards,



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