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1964 Buick Riviera - 3rd owner, clean cruiser

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1964 Buick Riviera
3rd owner (Second owner did not drive it much)
109k original miles
Owned 5 years purchased by me on 7/30/14
Clean title
CA Black and Yellow plates
Built Expressly for – Mary E Oman plate
Arctic White on Black
Repairs/New parts
Transmission rebuilt & Transmission Mount replaced @ ~102k
Brake work hoses, shoes @ ~102k
New exhaust from headers & Flowmaster muffler @ ~104k
Radiator recored @ ~104k
Driveshaft balanced and U-joints replaced @ ~104k
Belts replaced (Gates) @ ~104k
Air Filter replaced @ ~104k
PCV Valve replaced @~104k
Fuel Filter replaced @ ~104k
Oil & Filter change @ ~104k
New Battery @ ~104k
Throttle stop plunger replaced @~104k
Valve cover gaskets @~104k
Riviera Floor Mats 7/31/18
Kick panels replaced 7/31/18
Drip Rail rubber seals replaced, Trunk seal rubber replaced, no adhesive used (Both are Metro Moulded brand) 7/31/18
A/C Condenser pressure checked and painted 5/8/19
Water pump (Gates), Fan Clutch (Four Seasons), Thermostat (AC Delco Factory rating), Hoses (AC Delco), Coolant changed 5/8/19
Transmission fluid, filter & pan seal changed (pan drop) 8/29/19
Rusty/corroded bumpers & tail light bezels replaced 9/14/10
Headlights replaced with factory style higher (+30%) output units 9/14/19
5 new Tires 11/11/19
Carter AFB Carburetor rebuilt 11/12/19
Headlight switch replaced 11/14/19
Front Courtesy lenses and bulbs replaced 11/14/19
Oil Change - Mobil 1 synthetic 15w40 and Mobil 1 filter 11/14/19

Body/Paint – Car is very straight, there may be a few parking lot dings here and there, it has been repainted once. The paint job is close to the original color with some slight metallic flake, but has some wear through in a few sections as well as some touch-up work that I did near the bottom from part of the fenders. Still looks good at 10-15 feet. There are a few rust bubbles on the very bottoms of the rear fenders, nothing very serious…even for California. There is some surface rust in the trunk, I believe due to a leaky rear window seal. There might be a little bit under the trim piece that rests under the rear window. The rest of the body, floorboards and trunk are totally dry and in excellent shape.

Glass – All clean with no cracks.

Chrome – New bumpers I put on are nice and clean up well. Grill, headlight bezels, mirror, taillight bezels, turn signal housings are all good but not perfect. They shine up pretty well. Script, side scallops are pitted. Side window, windshield and rear window trim surrounds are pretty good but have some pitting on the A-pillar. Original bumpers come with the car. They are straight but are corroded and rusty in places.
Interior – I believe that the seats, door panels and headliner are original. Looks like the dash and carpets have been replaced. There are some split seams on the front and rear seats and the headliner, along with a small tear in the headliner. There are a few cracks in the steering wheel and some imperfections on the glove box face where someone tried to force it open. The trunk is rough and original.

Electrics –
Things that work: headlights, turn signals, cluster dimmer, courtesy lights, Passenger’s side door light switch, brake lights, reverse lights, license plate lights, power windows, wipers, blower (takes a couple minutes, might be corroded contacts).
Things that do not work: Driver’s side door light switch, radio, cigarette lighter

Suspension/Steering – I have driven this car on the freeway up to 80 mph. Overall it feels safe to me, but I am sure that there are some parts that could stand to be replaced, but I don’t really hear much in the way of noises while driving, with the exception of some noise from a body mount. The steering is very smooth and doesn’t leak or make noise. I think the springs are original and a bit on the soft side, but if you like the slightly lowered look, they fit the bill. The ride is probably about what you would expect for a 60’s boat of a car.

Brakes – There had been some work done on the brakes prior to my ownership. It has always had very solid brakes, no leaks from the power brake booster, no pulling to either side, no noises. Parking Brake works fine.

Engine/Drivetrain – Engine has always run nice and smoothly, no smoke on cold starts, no strange noises. Starts well either hot or cold. No overheating, no oil pressure issues or dripping, looks like the engine was repainted, possibly rebuilt, but I have no paperwork to back that up. It is not the original engine. It has lots of power and accelerates smoothly. Transmission seems to be in good shape, it was rebuilt by the previous owner which was a while ago. It is leaking a bit, I believe from the speedometer port. The driveline doesn’t make any noise, no odd behaviour from the differential.

A/C inoperative – Charged the system with R12 a while ago and it held pressure, but the air was not cold. Was told either a valve located behind the dash or the drier are to blame. Drier was removed but never replaced.
Original Radio Inoperative – I don’t believe it is getting power. It never worked
Blower motor somewhat squeaky and takes a while to come on – I believe there are corroded contacts either on the switch or at the motor.
Vacuum hoses in the engine bay will need to be replaced – Dried out
Driver’s window loose in the channel (rattles a bit)
Rear courtesy light bulbs need to be replaced (likely the lenses too)
Driver door courtesy light switch inoperable
Transmission leak (described above)

I love this car, but it is time for me to pass it along to its next owner. I don't drive it as much as it should be driven. I have it on other sites for $13,500 but am asking $12,000 on the enthusiast sites as I would like for it to go to a good home. Open to offers. Not a need to sell or fire-sale situation. Cash only, no trades. Read the ad and ask me questions via email, if you want to see the car in person, send me your phone number and your availability. I want it to go to a good home and would love to sell it to an enthusiast. Open to international buyers. I plan to take more photos of it, including some of the underside. These are what I have for now.





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