2020 Metz Gathering at Waltham

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Just received a letter from The Waltham Museum today. It reviewed the past years activities and listed several for next year. The 2020 Metz Gathering or Metz Weekend is scheduled for Friday July 31 with a talk: "Chilling at the Second Floor of the Federal" and Saturday August 1with Metz Cars, Wheelmen, and Trolley tours. Please note these dates are different from years past when the event was held on the second Saturday in July. With any luck there will be better attendance on these dates. There is some great enthusiasm at the museum these days. You may have also noticed that the  YAHOO Group site is no longer working as it did in the past. I saved copies of the files and requested a copy of the data. I had another group I was in and they are not sure what to do in the future. I hope I get a copy of the data we can use in the future somehow. I think this forum will be the best for now. I plan to finally join AACA. There has also been some talk of a Facebook page, but I don't do Facebook.



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The Maxwell and Buick groups moved to the groups.io site. It's very similar to what yahoo was, but better organized. 



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