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1961 chevy 235 oil leek


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I have a 61 235 that I put in my 1939 Chevy pickup and it has a oil leek and gets oil all over the fuel pump

There is a small hole  below the side pan. in fact it is in line with the second two side pan screws from the front .

This is where we determined the oil is coming out !

I took a wire and put it in the hole and I could detect any threads. The hole is about .220 inches .Will that hurt anything if  I put a plug it that hole?

The engine runs good and carries good oil

This 235 was in a 61 station wagon with a automatic tranny I took some parts off the 216 that was in it to make the 235  look like the 216.

Changed the  breather tube  from the 216 to the 235

I have another  truck with a 235 and I went and looked  and it  has a screw in that same spot.

on another look at this it looks and feels as if there is a spring  down in the hole .


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What I learned  is that is one of two screws that hold a baffle in place  below the breather..

I was told that a #10 Sheet Metal Screw should do the trick.

I put the 235 in my 1939 Chevy pickup and I changed some things to make it look like a 216.So I must of disturbed the screw when I changed the breather.

I have a couple 216 blocks ill look and see if they have that screw .

There is oil on the fuel pump and distributor and heater hoses .

I'll let you know how it comes out.

I also do have a 1948 Chevy  1 1/2 ton  truck with a 235 in it.

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I didn’t have any luck getting a sheat metal screw to catch and  hold  so I made a taper pin and plugged the  hole in the block.

If it goes to making any noise Ill pull the  pan and  do what needs to be done.

Thank You for the help.

 Happy New Year

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