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1920 - 1922 Cadillac Brockton, Massachusetts Fire Dept.

Steve Hagy

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I found this photo somewhere on the internet.  The car was identified as a 1920 - 1922 Cadillac (Caddy's were a popular choice with Fire Chief's in the teens and twenties).  What I would like to know is: Is it a Cadillac, a specific year, and a model.  


Thank you!



Brockton 1920-22 Cadillac.jpg

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8 minutes ago, m-mman said:

Is that a narrow whitewall? or a reflection? 

Personally I have not seen narrow whites before the 1960s 

It looks like a whitewall that they painted the inner edge black near the rim. It's awfully shiny for a tire.

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