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Winter Wonderland Run and Merry Christmas

Terry Harper

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Today Herb Crosby and I (after coaxing the 1928 Lombard Dump truck to start in 0 degree weather) decided it

would be a wonderful day to take a cruise around the museum grounds all covered with a beautiful 

new snow.


May you all have a wonderful Christmas season - enjoy family, friends or perhaps just stay warm and comfy and reflect

on all the good things of the past year and the good things to come with the next. May you help those in need

and be a friend and light to those who are alone or suffering and always seek the good.














P:S: Those narrow hard rubber tires made steering the beast quite a chore and we figured out that our gas consumption

is about 5 gallons per hour.




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Merry Christmas to you as well.  Thank you for posting your lovely winter scenes with your great dump truck, I can almost hear the roar.


Also, thank you for reminding us to reach out to friends and relatives.  Gary

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