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Old Headlight

Douglas Gilmore Brown

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I found this old headlight at a barn sale a few years ago, Shaped sort of  like Model T, but seems larger.


The glass lens is purple from sun, so possibly pre-WWI ?


The glass is marked "TOP   /  BSUSCH & LOMB OPT. CO  /  ROCHESTER, N.Y.   /  MADE IN USA (in a triangular shaped frame) .


Diameter of exposed portion of glass is  8 1/2 inches, overall diameter of headlamp is about, 11 3/8 inches, and it is about 7 1/2 inches deep.


Weight is just over 7 pounds. Lens frame is nickel plated brass, body is black painted steel.

Big Old Headlight 001.JPG

Big Old Headlight 004.JPG

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