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alternator shock absorber? bushing? need help idenifying and finding new part (pic)

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Changing all the Belts on my 89 Tc 8 valve and we came across this... it appears to be a shock absorber for the alternator because of the rubber on the inside. It probably should be replaced because the rubber is cracked pretty bad. I tried searching the part number (24861) on it with several parts shops but they couldn't find anything. Anyone have an idea what it is and where i could find a new one? I have included a pic below. 1781686629_alternatorpart.thumb.JPG.ad8e430972ad056aab026332f1e54f9b.JPG

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That is MOPAR part # 4448455 Bracket

I would say that every TC with the 4 cylinder engine has a bracket isolator that looks like this.

My 280K+ TC still has the original one. They all end up looking like that. I have never even thought about replacing mine.

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