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1952 Lincoln Capri Convertible


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I know this may be "too new" for the Lincoln-Zephyr club, but I'm having an extremely difficult time getting any info on this car. I am a Camaro guy that bought this car and I'm trying to find out how rare, significant, and a fully restored top value is on this car - before I start. I have posts at other Lincoln sites, but I'm not getting any response. Any response at all would be apprecaited. I can't find a single '52 Conv sale anywhere to compare it against.

The car is all original w/69,000 miles, it needs a complete restoration but I am driving it, most everything works - power windows, power seats, gauges, lights, signals, etc. Automatic - hell, it passed inspection! It is creamy-yellow exterior w/ red/black leather interior, am radio, spotlight, & continental kit - again all original. the VIN & codes are [exactly]:



in the little research i've done - the "102" doesn't match up to anything. Is that the continential kit?

Thanks for help in advance.

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Hey Robert, what can we say, we are Zephyr guys, and those funny tin things on top of the heads on your '52 are foreign to us, but you have a "Mexican Road Race" Lincoln there, they won that event in '52, and are an excellent handling car, and I personally always thought the convertibles and hardtops were a nice looking car, as far as value, I don't know, any vintage convertible usually brings a premium, and there are on line "Blue book" sites that will help you establish a value, just don't ruin it by putting a Camaro engine in it, yukko, good luck, OC

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I'd start by contacting these folks:

Club Name: 49 Baby Lincoln Convertible Registry

Address: 98 N Linwood Beach Rd

City: Linwood

State: MI

Zip: 48634

Telephone: 517 697-5139

Contact: William Harper

Type: National Club

Make: Lincoln

Model Years: Between 1949 and 1949

Description: Registry - 11 cars running - 8 partial cars

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That '52 ought to be worth$8K plus. That car had many "firsts" for Ford. The '53s were the ones that had all the "power" eqipment available and they were the ones that won the Mexican Road Race. They also won in "54. The engine was souped up in '53 probably after they were "panned" for being under powered. I believe that Continental kit was an after market item.DP

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I've been watching for this generation ('52 - '55) of Lincolns for quite a few years. Unfortunately, I sold all my shop manuals etc. so we have to depend on memory. The '52 convt. was the lowest production of the four years with less than 1200 units produced.Your data plate indicates your car was built Nov. 9, 1951 at the Livernois & Warren Ave. plant in Detroit. Code 71 indicates it was delivered to a dealer in the Los Angeles Sales District. I think the "102" indicates that it was the 102nd unit scheduled that day or the 102nd unit scheduled for the Los Angeles District Sales Office. I have heard both interpretations and don't know who to believe. There have been a couple ragtops of this generation offered for sale this year. Check www.hemmings.com. There has been a '52 offered for sale in the Los Angeles area for most of this year, priced in the mid-teens. I never went to look at it because it sounded more like a "used car" instead of a "collector car". I've been holding on to a new gold spear for the hood ornament for 48 years and still haven't found a worthy car to put under it! Best Of Luck, Tom

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1st - THANK YOU. I've had zero info on other posts and this isn't even your specialty.

2nd - Don't worry - No Camaro engines, it would ruin my #match Camaros!! laugh.gif

Follow up Q - Contential Kit: by aftermarket, do you mean dealer installed or not even a lincoln part?

Thanks again for all the info!

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