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1948 Windsor rings and shells

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992605D5-CCFE-4A95-8015-DC7FB89A800A.thumb.jpeg.84397ce5deccbe0bb4d54d1a48043894.jpeg                               Hi there from rainy old England,  I’m    giving my 1948 Windsor a winter overhaul, and I need some engine parts, I’m going to take the head off to replace the gasket and thought I might as well hone the bores and replace the rings and shells. I’ve ordered my gaskets from Olsen’s and was wondering where to get the other bits from. So any advise on purchasing engine part would be welcome. 

Many thanks in advance.


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Vintage Power Wagons has a good stock of parts for your motor (Power Wagons used the same six cylinder motor). So does Andy Bernbaum. If you were in North America I would say you can get most everything from your local auto parts dealer. You may be able to order from Rockauto or other online parts outlet.


Later... I checked Rockauto's web site and they list gaskets, rings, and rod bearings.

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