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using a 12v relay in a 6v Buick, '51


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Having resolved my lighting switch problem, I'm now looking into replacing the original solenoid relay. It's the one mounted on the firewall with 4 terminals. It functions okay but looks real nasty inside . My car is stock 6v negative ground system.

The only relay I can find that is similar and with the same mounting holes/ bracket, is a new repro 12v rated Delco Remy from Fusick Auto. Part no. 1116895. The one on the car is a Delco Remy Part no.1116855. Its rating is unknown.

Question: Can I use this 12 v rated relay in this 6v system ?   The rep at Fusick wasn't sure. The relay costs $95.00 so I want to be sure. Thanks guys for any guidance.

I did do some continuity tests on mine and its working for now. Points look shiny and smooth. Just don't know for how long...



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Thanks Beemon.  As I tinker around with these old Buicks,  I'm finding more and more that the newer replacement parts just aren't as robust as the original. I never thought of bring this part to a repair shop. Problem is finding a good local shop anymore.



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