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Anti- theft license plate installation


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On 12/16/2019 at 3:16 PM, Buick35 said:

I'm getting a 1935 Florida license plate for my car and wanted to know how to mount it. It has the tab with the year that slides in at the top. It might be self explanatory after I get it.Any comments appreciated.Thanks,Greg.


On 12/20/2019 at 7:47 PM, 39BuickEight said:

Common thieves don’t carry torx tools.

I can't say whether to agree or not since I'm not into thieving, but have hard time believing they, i.e "common thieves", would have much, if any interest in1935 Florida license plates. 😕


I've had YOM, other "personalized" and standard plates on many of my vintage cars for hundreds of thousands of miles over past 4 decades, but never had any stolen, including an extremely rare pair I’ve been offered ridiculous $$s by plate collectors.

Not saying it couldn't happen, but...



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I bought the plate because it's a 1935 Florida one not for anti theft purposes. It's just that for two years (34&35) that Florida tried to design a plate that would make it harder for thieves to steal. If they wanted to they could still reach the nuts that hold it on just not the bolt heads without sliding the cover plate off over the bolts so I can't see where it would work so well.Greg


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