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1932 Chevrolet Confederate deluxe Roadster for sale

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For sale.  1932 Chevrolet Confederate deluxe roadster. Dual side mounts and rumble seat. Body and sheet metal off frame. Rolling chassis


First photo shows it the day I bought it in 2015.  2nd photo is of the restored chassis and the 3rd photo shows the body after walnut shell blasting. I then put a coat of epoxy primer on the body to protect it.


The car was imported from Argentina in 1984. I'm sure it was to get the body only. Someone did a very slipshod attempt to convert the chassis to left-hand drive.The restoration has been re-started to correct everything done incorrectly. The chassis is now done correctly and is complete.


Recored radiator by Kirby's in Ft Worth. Correct '32 engine (had '34 engine when purchased) Head repaired properly. Bob Marx rebuilt rocker arm assemblies. Engine lower end looked good so I left it alone. Rebuilt starter and generator. Rebuilt clutch and pressure plate. Correct steering gear finally found. Brakes completely redone. Every bearing, seal and bushing in chassis done. Double sealed bearings in rear end and axle vented. Correct spring shackles all around. Gas tank cleaned. Mechanical fuel pump works fine but 6-volt electrical fuel pump added for priming. Improved modern sealed-bearing water pump.


Chassis and all components sand blasted, primed and painted black single stage acrylic enamel. 6 wheels sand blasted and powder coated bright red. Firestone WWW tires look good. Not sure about their age.


Body is truly excellent with really good original wood. Body has been walnut-shell blasted and epoxy primered. No wood replacement needed. Sheet metal (all 4 fenders, running board splash aprons, front and rear splash aprons, and hood)  are very nice. Running boards are straight. All side mount hardware present. 


Upholstery available for patterns. I was planning to use LeBarron-Bonney, but now that they have gone belly-up, I'm not sure of the next move.  New wood for the top bows from Classic Wood Products in N.C. included. Original wood still in good shape on top bows, but I felt I should go with new. All seat springs with car.


Most chrome redone, but I consider it driver quality. All complete and very straight.


 This whole project is a jig-saw puzzle right now, but if you know '32 Confererates, you can wind up with a pretty nice car. I have come to the conclusion that I can not physically finish it.


I paid way too much for the car originally because I didn't know enough about '32 Chevrolets to recognize how badly the "restoration" had been botched. I now have about $30,000 in it. I'll sell it as is for $12,000


Plenty of pictures available.  E-mail me at studebaker4829@live.com  My phone is 318-382-3337. I seldom answer calls from numbers I don't recognize  (too many robo calls and telemarketers out there), so leave a message and I'll call back.  Come inspect the car in person.  It is located about 10 miles east of Shreveport, Louisiana.


Thanks for reading all this.




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I can put it back together enough to transport (body back on the frame, fenders and splash aprons and running boards attached), but a large truck and trailer still required for all the extra parts (extra engine, extra transmission, top bow assembly, bumpers, seat springs etc)

Anybody interested at $10,000?



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1 hour ago, roysboystoys said:

I find it interesting that a Vega wagon gets more interest then this car. I guess we're all to old for a project, what a shame.

Maybe if it was battery powered?

Must be because of its project status... Lord knows I've had a heck of a time trying to sell any of my projects, doesn't matter how high the work quality is. If its not a running driving car interest seems to be thin these days.


I see a nice roadster with a lot of work already done. This would be a dream compared to other cars I've worked on!

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I'm not that far away in New Orleans-

wish I had the space,

and the time,

to finish it.

--- always loved the '32 Confederate roadster,

especially after so many years touring with our 1927 Capitol AA Chevy roadster

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18 minutes ago, kings32 said:

It would be nice sitting next to my 32 sedan . Same problem no room & less money.Howard


Howard, maybe this one should share time between your place and mine ?😎

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This ‘32 Chevrolet is once again offered for sale.  The buyer was unable to retrieve the car during the winter and then the pandemic shut down all travel for him and he lives in the northeast in a state that would still require him to quarantine if he traveled to Louisiana. Anyway, the logistics just proved too much and the deal is off.


Here are a couple of pictures of the car now. I did put it together enough to make transport easier.


Please read the description in the original post. Contact information is the same.  Come look at it in person. Still located about 10 miles east of Shreveport, LA. Again asking $10,000





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These new photos show how nice it really is, and it should now find the next owner at that very low price.  Meaning that if a person can understand that serious money was already spent on so many areas, the car becomes far less of a typical prewar project to me.


Awesome shop as well, so that should also hint that you also did things right on the car.

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I’ve done a ton of 27-34 GM cars with some ending up on the restoration forum pages. Even with all the excellent work done, one needs to realize there’s at least another $20k to go on this. With Lebarron and Bonney gone, you have to figure at least $5-6K for all the interior and at least $1,500 for the roof. Almost every paint shop that would even be willing to paint this car is going to come in at $10k these days. If I was looking for a roadster, and I was before I found my 32’ Olds, I probably would have paid the asking price of this car as it’s fair. I’m just saying realistically a car like this, doing a majority of the work yourself, and buying the bones at a fair price, is still going to put you in that $30k area. I have double that in my Olds but the Olds has wood wheels, more factory accessories,  and also has double the resale of this car by numbers and rarity alone. If I wasn’t stepping back all my restoration work, I probably would be interested myself. If I did the work for someone buying this car, they would probably be looking at $32–38k to do it right and I’m inexpensive compared to some. Hope you find a buyer wanting a fulfilling project as this one would be. 

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Hi Tom,


I thought this car HAD been sold some months ago-

maybe too aggressive a project for me - maybe not,

but currently tied up with repairs to several other of our cars in preparation for  "Hopefully" being able to tour during the coming year-

Too bad, because I'm in Metairie, and not that far from you,

and really enjoyed the almost 30 years we toured our  '27 Chevy Roadster

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