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1991 Buick Reatta electronic dashboard


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Is it possible to get a wiring diagram for this dashboard? Readings come and go for varying periods of time. Does anyone have any advice on causes or how to repair it. Any diagnostics on this.

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I'm sure the schematics are available somewhere. If everything goes, it could be loss of ground. You can fix the problem (maybe 20% of the time) by removing the cluster, cleaning the contacts and reinstalling.

If that fails, you can send it to a service center that will repair it for about $200. Tell me where you live and I can give you a phone number.

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I have two lists. One is from GM but is about 1994 vintage.

The second is repair stations other Reatta owners have used and more up to date.

From the GM list...Monahan Elec in Gaithersburg MD 301-840-5901

Modern Radio in Albany NY 800-822-0232

Southern Autotronics in Richmond VA has been very popular with Reatta owners 800-446-2880, also Downtown Radio in Charlotte NC but they do not do instrument clusters 800-537-0116

I have names in Houston, Flint, Fullerton CA, E.Syracuse NY, Dayton OH, Carrollton TX, Warminster PA.

If you have a name to add or comments about any of the above I will be glad to keep the records.

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